Friday, August 26, 2016

On Naked Loo

On Naked Loo 
as a refugee, nothing the wail place except in loo
my awe bust be a bow
no monsoon, no treachery, no fog, no distress
except the totem that out from your body
or your bastard filth abated by water        
and your garbage syringes disgust
wish, wash, and you will be clean

Jogja, 26 August 2016


A Bowl Rue

street saving election agony
ripple and hovering in the air
into your home, include your fate
temptatation swells in your nap
amulet copes deftly, lauds humanity
the crude intention utters on captivity
exhilarate by fist
intimate the grin chill, walks awkward
human rake their own malice
who that didn’t to care own self?

Jogja, 26 August 2016

The Bullet Flee 
“tranquil dear…” said the whore to her son
her stomach more big like basin back on her cloth
her womb ration the vormit, her thigh be nut in river town
she waits a man as ash to fill her dish
in this city, streets trying suicide, abduct the whore’s attention
dark trying blaspheme to interest the god’s attention
“how long?” cried the whore
city still lives

Jogja, 26 August 2016

Fornlorn Lane
can you hear the torrent howl?
I wandered around the wheel everyday
a moment
I saw canine breed maracle
her rioutous barked the havoc
saw puppy hurling the clamour
retaliation in starve
can you feel the hungry?
as a witness the duty recurrent
government just give us sheer remain
despite you toss recurrent
just rehearse on feast
then, can God give you all?
people said: everything acquired from Him
He brings joyus
All soveregnty
I am hesistant
He also brings agony, foul, doom
─[just little excerpt, much more]
further goverment
demolition the gait lane
we are their heir

Jogja, 26 August 2016