Friday, June 7, 2019

Image Control

At the Eid Mubarak, my pal shared article with the title: Keanu Reeves Is Too Good for This World from The New Yorker. This article teaches me much: it's okay to be alone, it's okay to be suffered, and it's okay separate from this canned-blather world. The noteworthy point is told about Keanu's life who has remembered me with Indonesian actor Nicholas Saputra--I awe and fond him. They're same in few aspects: mysterious, itinerant alone, and aloof. Yet, still robust.

Source: The New Yorker
All have been in the world that struck you on the precipice. Then you walk teeter to secure, because you're not cogent. Can you walk without grasp? Without feeling dread? Without fellow for to be instanced? What a difficult it is. How inscrutable the edge rebuke us. Shriek on confess. This ties with what I call "image control". Everyone has it. As cameo shines revelation after fight from buff torture. To pace up and down.

Thereby, image control for me is a everything that you do to against reverse and adverse about your inner or outer to others. A system controlling your citra and name. This control within you on precedent or unprecedented situation. When it's a question of ideas about image control my ideas are severe than your ideas. Or when it's a question of ideas about image control, mine are severe than yours. No problem.

I have instanced from my friend. His name is IA, just initial. After I had heard his saying about image control at one day, I thought deeply on myself: how about my image control? When IA had had conscious about it, he turned on cool man. He had been very splendid, because he didn't dictate. The other names were MH and BHJ. They are like teachers to me who inspires me until now. As intellectual actor or progressive scholar, they do all in silent. Not shriek on social media, they're not active. They don't show their suffer just their masterpiece. They who I called: man who walks on quiet way.

In the last, Keanu Reeves ever said: "Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger." And then, "when you're going through hard times and wonder where God is, remember the teacher is always quiet during the test."

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Without Regret for What I've Done

Year by year, when Idul Fitri has come, maybe just one sentence that always repeat by my brother in there--even maybe I was saying sorry on thousand times: "without regret from we have done. Taqobbal ya kariim."

And it makes me thinking anymore, do I regret with all I have done or do ever? Yes, I do. Why? I don't know clearly why. Are you apologize yourself? I am not sure. For me, very easily apologize other people and difficultly apologize myself. It has made me sad and hurt. 

My brother taught me much how to see the world. How I have valued something. Its have been principal to me. He is very independent man that I ever met. Realist, naturalist, solitary, and I owe him with his character example. Are you feel that he is your patron Isma? Ostensibly. I just stranger on his mind who much copy his act and how he's thinking. I'm not sure but he is like my other part of myself. Even, consciously I just one of his complex world. Like one of billion men in mankind. 

But I don't care. We are same character at principal stance. We are equal. He taught the people around him too and I'm not special of course. In the fact, many people love him. No problem, it's done naturally. 

Repeatedly: without regret for I've done. Minal aidzin wal faidzin. 

Alone at The Old Town, Jakarta, 1 Syawal 2019.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Progressive Web's Choosing for Yours

These I convey some vivid webs ...  I hope it can detox your grief, your flatness life, your messy plan, your mutter act, your ache-yearn psyche.  These webs avoid all. When it read at affordable, will murmur a hulking friend or kindling the beam. Hahaha, it sounds exaggerated for all start bearding ostensibly. The most effective to move your boring are reading progressive web. Just coasting, elevating, and encroaching it. LEARN.

Open Culture for special part of Radical Philosophy Journal Archive
Marxist Internet Archive I prefer first forward to Indonesia's session
The Platypus Affiliated Society special on these critical theory and primary Marxist reading
Absolutely The Guardian
Definitely Jacobin
Brain Pickings

Book's download: firstly my tips, you can search what you're looking for at, or Amazon then if the book isn't free, you can coast here...

Libgen2M (research, scientific) (all genres: art, fantasy, bioraphies, etc)
Project Gutenberg (all genres: canon novel, literature, science)
Read Print (essays, fiction, non-fiction, etc)
The Literature Network (literature base only)
LibriVox (for audiobooks pals, very recommend for listening)
Get Free Books (novel, short stories)
World eBook Fair (all genres: literature, philosophy, etc)
Many Books (novel, stories of young adult, mystery, romance, etc)
Book Boon (all genres psychology, education, myths, etc)
Book Yards (all genres: children, audio, business finance, etc)
International Children's Digital Library (for children's book)
Internet Sacred Text Archive (eligion, mythology, folklore)
ZLibrary (how to/tutorial, self improvement, motivation, etc)
Ebook Bike (novel, romance, etc)

Etc you can give recommendation in commentary's column.

Free download, free learn, and learn was free as the air that we breathe.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

A Proverb: Necessity is the Mother of Invention

This proverb was declared by Plato at his book, Republic. The main idea for me is inhabiting, visceral, paved, and groundbreaking at the start. When you asked me why I am still reading until now? Because reading is my necessity, not only to find some invention, but span profundity the basic of my life.

My mother at Menggung Village, Central Java ever said to me, "seldom man who really avid reading like you." She's saying has given me courage to be vast reader every time, everywhere. Although, I've been slow reader, deliberate reader, that takes me need more time to understand. But in reading, I plan to go long. Each word move me to others.

Reading and writing are the most focus of my life. They're sustaining me much from ribald world. It's about creating those lives and stories, rather than waiting someone else to make them real. Jessica Andrew, the writer of Saltwater ever said: "[when] you're trying to make art and working lots of jobs and not getting anywhere. It's demoralizing. Doing lots of DIY stuff with small presses really keeps you going and reminds you that writing is meaningful." With that, definitely you should not have to prove any shit.

Source Image: The New York Times

Many efforts to make what necessity in writing was invention. Richard Powers read more than 120 single-volume books about trees to make his book The Overstory (2018). Powers is a America novelist who focus on scientific effect, neuroscience, chemical engineering, genetics, actuarial environmentalism, and modern technology. The Overstory had talked about the wisdom of trees. Trees like men too, they are communal. Powers not only drawn growing the trees in the pile of 100-odd photographs, but also he recorded the evolution of technology. It splits into 4 parts: roots, trunk, crown, and seeds. 

"What was really lovely about doing the research this time was that it didn't feel like research. It felt like literally a walk in woods. I did end up reading copiously. I read more than 120 single-volume books about trees," said Powers to The Guardian.

He did as ecowarriors or might are called  to eco-writers do as Keats wrote: scenery is fine, but human nature finer. Beside Powers there are many names in this stream like: Peter Wohlleben, Cormac McCarthy, Margaret Atwood, Jonatahan Franzen, etcetera.

Happy Sunday,