Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fail to be Funny

Pal, in a few days so hard to write. I don't know why? Much exercise sprays in my brain, I am feeling yeah or all must go be done (or losing). Other words, reality was so fast and slowly choke me. Dreams were far in other world. Haha, the best idea is to laugh in everything condition like crazy man and what I am.
sometime, i wanna like this monkey, pal
Pal, you know my story in this day? I came in a discussion about a book, I tried to speak there. Now, I want to laugh alone when remember that. Before I visited the discussion, I prepared the subject of discussion almost a piece of paper. When I spoke, the LOL things, I am want to speak funny things, but in me.. it's be serious.. haha. Fail to be funny.

The precious one, I learn about my represent (I am) there. I spoke not because anything, I speak because I want tell for people about my idea, although my tounge was not fluently. Although my words running zig-zag. Although I must stop in along time to think--and person in front of me laugh looking me. Never can forget.

Second, about my friend that tell me much things about friendship. Two years ago until now, I am in doorless house. But, in long time I never feel a deep relation with one by one person there. What's wrong? Everyday we met, but why I am still be an introvert? We met but we out distance.

Third, about my dad. I relieved can tell all that bother my mind here with him. You know, it's so hard to do that, hard. ~IS

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