Saturday, January 3, 2015

Single Fighter

3 January 2015

Hai, this is my first note in this year, 2015. About my story and everything that I dream and God do for me. Maybe this notes is for my lecturer in there.
Sir, between 1 pm, there is  spoken test in 1st door of Saintek. There are interesting something that I get from our interview. Firstly, I entered at that room and sit in the chair, in front of you. Then you asked to me:
MFZ: "Hai, Isma Swastiningrum. I called you Isma yeah? How are you?"
IS: "Fine"
MFZ: "Do you come from?"
IS: "I am from Cepu, Blora."
MFZ: "Oh, Cepu, yeah, I see..." (then I told you about the exact of my village. My home is near with cemetery. In back of PT Pertamina Cepu)

Then sir, you explained me about this conversation. I am free choose everything language, can english, Indonesia, Jawa, Ngapak, or campur aduk language. But you told me that you will use english, because you said that in geophysics everything is using english. From book, from papper, from looking for job, etc. I knew that english is so important from your words. Do I ready? Yeah, I am ready sir. I will try spoke with english. And what you said sir? You said I am the first student that used it. I think you lied sir, because I felt much student that can more than I am. But no problem, I like that, it make me flying for a few second. Then, you asked me again:

MFZ: "You will use english right?"
IS: "Yes, I will try. Because I have a dream, one day I can become a international writer."
MFZ: "Wow, great, nothing imposible. Do it that, make real. Dream will always be dream if we don't move to make it real. So you must fighting."
IS: "Right."
MFZ: "I have experience, I never follow tuition of english, I study english alone. I am S1 in UGM Jogja, then S2 in ITB Bandung. There is different culture about people in Jogja and people in Bandung, student in here and student in there. It's about 'Self Confidence'. In Jogja, the people is less in self confidence, in here is very low profile, but in Bandung they are very confidence. I ever followed the field trip with different background, sometime the lecturer asked about 'what is the gravity?' I am, that come from physics I more know that, but it's for what? And there is student from mathematic answered that question with 'asal nyeplos'. He very confidence said that, although is wrong. I learn from that. So, never afraid to speak up! Be confidence. If there is someone mock or bully you are, it's no problem."
MFZ: "Why you choose geophysics?"
IS: "Because I want build my town Cepu."
MFZ: "Oh great. So you studied geophysics, then you come back to your town and built that?"
IS: "Yes, because mining in Cepu is so unfair. 'Saham' in there is save with Exxon, then a little for Pertamina and very-very little for citizen."
MFZ: "Oh, is so bad. Ok Isma, we entered at course. What the meaning of geophysics?"
IS: "Knowledge that learn about earth and the part of earth from up, middle, and core, with approach of physics lesson."
MFZ: "So, how about climate and cloud, are they geophysics?"
IS: "I think yes. Because I ever hear that from your class sir.."
MFZ: "No, this is not geophysics. Geophysics is about the surface of earth."
IS: "Oh, yes surface."

Then you asked me about the last papper in Bayat, Klaten about gravity GPS? What that Isma? What is densitas? What parameter that you get from exercise? How about geolistrik? What do you know? What resistensi? What does it come from? What the formula? What the meaning of rho? and what does cessar?
I answered that with all that I know, you said that my knowledge is 'moderate'. Oh, not sir, very little that I know, not all.
For I am the important of this section is I can take very much lesson that I will always remember for my spirit in next tommorow, more and more. Thank you Sir Ical...

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