Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shopkeeper Memory

Time is passed away so fast. I just want find myself like before: at someday I am ambisious with number and formula, with mathematic, physics, etc. Study something that it looks terrible for people. You never know me, you never know my physics (never said dissimulationly: physics is easy). And my focus now separates with much thing. I like literature, I like all art (music, painting, theatre), I still like going to new place, and the new that make me like a cute barbie is I like him.

Yesterday, I met him as ussually... but now I don't want to tell him (sometime I feel so sick loves someone that he's so high to yours). I want tell my story before I can be university student. When I am be shopkeeper. When I must work at 8 am - 2 pm. Then break time three hours, I am back at 5 pm - 9 pm. You must wait owner shop: spinster (old lady) that never married from Chinese family in front of shop. When she come from pedicab (becak) we stand up said welcome to her with no words.  When shop closed, we must deliver spinster go at her home.

You work, work, and work. When it do, I just want be profesional worker. And I pray to God: Ya Allah, if I work, someday I want work something that I love doing it. More better than I am now.
When I remember that, when I go shop or see a worker like I do it before, I be maudlin (sentiment). So now, I don't want be fools man that wasted my education! It feels too painful!

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