Friday, January 9, 2015

Film "The Words" Review

The Old Man Family
This film is telling about story in a story. Writer in a writer. Telling about a writer named Clay Hammond that wrote bestselling novel "The Words". This novel is telling about writer named Rory Jansen, he's not popular writer but always making effort to write everyday. He go to write when city sleep. He lived with Dora, his wife.
Someday, when Rory done his novel... he sent to big publisher. But, his manuscript is refused.
And story flashback when Rory and Dora enjoyed their honeymoon in Paris. In there in antique shop, they buy antique bag. When Rory fustrate about his manuscript, he found pieces old notes on the bag. So he start to read it. The notes is so amaze for Rory, then with blind heart Rory copied it and he won't change it maybe just one letter.
Tomorrow, Rory gave the manuscript to editor in publiseher that ever refused him. One day the editor called Rory with grateful face. This novel is good fiction with good plot. Not long day, manuscript that gave title: The Window Tears are published. The novel be bestselling book and Rory become a fame writer. Much award awarded to him.
Rory Award
One day there was a oldman that always pay attention to Rory. The oldman is a real writer from The Window Tears. The oldman followed Rory, in river a pool in a park they ware talking.
The oldman told about his live and his fate until The Window Tears was borned. So sad story from the oldman. He was a soldier that lived in war period in France. He felt his life is so flat and bore until he had one bestfriend that a bookworm and knowing much thing about world, social, and phylosophy. He studied from his friend. He started to read and writing. He want his life is useful, but it's so difficult to writing. He crawled doing that. Until one day in cafe, he met with waitress that chaged his live and love.
He and the waitress married. The happily live coming. Then they had a beautiful baby, until disaster doing in their live. Their daughter was sick and die.
His wife was so desperate and frustate, she went to her parent and left her husband alone. Same condition attacked them, very desperate. So, the husband started to writing. The words were fluently coming. The young man wrote like rainfall down, it's done just two weeks! Then, the story was sent to his wife. It made his wife back again to him, unfurnately the manuscript left in the train when his wife went to him. So sad, the young man was so angry and household never be same, they seperating.
Back again in front of story, the old man said: " tragedy was that I loved words more than I loved the woman."
Rory and The Old Man
The ending story is the old man die and Rory Jansen didn't admit his plagiat to the mass. Yeah, so fuck off. He lived with liar. The teribble fate. Maybe just fiction was so sick for I am, how pity the old man.

It's Be valueable lesson for every writer...
Ps: Still with broken grammar.

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